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Formulary Subgroup - Requests

Greater Manchester Joint Formulary: how to submit a request

The FMESG criteria for consideration of a drug can be found here. If your request fits at least one criterion for consideration, then follow the flow chart below.

Form 1 is intended for requests for drug additions to the formulary.

Form 2 is for general formulary drug amendments such as the change of a position of a drug from alternative to first choice, or complete removal of a drug from the formulary.

Please note forms 1 and 2 will require to be supported and signed by a clinical / medical director or head of medicines management. Ideally these should also have been considered  and approved by the local drugs and therapeutics committee prior to submission to FMESG.  Full instructions on how to make a submission can be found here.

Form 3 is for general formulary content amendments including notification of incorrect existing comments or addition of safety content. 

Forms should be submitted to

The FMESG procedure for evaluation of medical devices can be found here.

Formulary Submissions Flow Chart

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