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From this page you will be able to access a summary of additions or changes to the GMMMG website during December 2016

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December 2016




GMMMG is currently undergoing some changes and we have now established three new subgroups:

  • The Formulary and Managed Entry Subgroup (FMESG) will assess applications and manage the introduction of new and existing drugs to the GM formulary and make recommendations to ensure that the most appropriate choice of clinically and cost effective medicines are used to meet the needs of the GM population.
  • The Pathways and Guidelines Development Subgroup (PaGDSG) will work with other stakeholders to facilitate the development of evidence based treatment pathways and shared care guidelines for implementation across the GM health economy.
  • The High Cost Drugs Subgroup (HCDSG) will ensure the clinical and cost-effective use of existing high cost medicines (PbR tariff excluded, CCG commissioned) across the Greater Manchester health economy and it will facilitate joint working between provider trusts and CCGs on high cost drugs to ensure best use of NHS resources.

These new Subgroups will begin to meet in the New Year. Membership is currently being finalised for these groups. If you are a healthcare professional working in Greater Manchester and would like to be involved in any of the above groups please contact the medicines management lead within your organisation or the Professional Secretary to GMMMG on

New Therapies Subgroup


The following New Therapies recommendations were signed off by GMMMG at their December meeting and are now available on the website. Please see links below for details around whether the drugs have been recommended for use or not:

Formulary Subgroup


The minutes of the November 2016 FSG meeting are available on the GMMMG website.

In addition the FSG have agreed draft amendments to the formulary as follows:

  • The formulary will reflect TA417, TA418, TA419 (following RAG classification in January)
  • The formulary will also reflect the November MHRA Drug Safety Update, with the addition of warnings for brimonidine gel and the risk of exacerbation of rosacea.

As detailed in the November minutes FSG have agreed that armour thyroid and thyroid extract will be placed on the DNP list (due to lack of evidence), whilst liothyronine will be placed on the grey list - only for use in hypothyroid crisis and short –term post thyroid surgery, it will also be assessed for a  RAG status in January.

FSG will support the development of prescribing guidance for the management of urticaria in primary care, particularly around unlicensed high dose antihistamines although they do not support the submission of the NW urticaria pathway for GMMMG approval at this stage.

In view of the NTS recommendation Ferric maltol will be considered for formulary inclusion at the January meeting

The group noted the reintroduction to the market of (Teva) Levothyroxine which is now lactose free.

FSG received a request to further amend the formulary to reflect the COPD pathway in more detail. This work is underway; if possible it will be agreed by email.

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