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News Summary

From this page you will be able to access a summary of additions or changes to the GMMMG website during July 2016

July 2016


Formulary Subgroup


The GM Formulary will be updated to reflect TA392 Adalimumab for moderate to severe hidradenitis suppurativa, TA395 Ceritinib for NSCLC, TA396 Trametinib for melanoma, TA397 Belimumab for SLE, TA393 and TA394 which will result in the addition of alirocumab and evolucumab to chapter 2 of the formulary. Idarucizumab has also been added to chapter 2 of the formulary.

The formulary will also reflect the June MHRA DSU with the addition of warnings for canagliflozin, nexplanon and topical miconazole.
Rimexolone 1% eye drops have been discontinued and will be removed from the formulary, FSG are communicating with CMFT with regards an alternative preparation and await an application.

FSG received a request to update the formulary to include an option for H.pylori eradication for those with a penicillin allergy; this will be done in the near future as per NICE CG184.

Tadalafil once daily will be added to the DNP list as per the NTS recommendation.

FSG has supported the development of a GM COPD management plan, this was recently approved by GMMMG and will be added to the GMMMG website (pathways section), the formulary will also be updated to reflect the pathway. A GM asthma management plan is also under development by the same group.

 FSG has recently developed a GM wound care formulary and revised chapter 5 of the formulary both of which are now available on GMMMG website.

The following work is ongoing:
Development of a GM asthma pathway
Support for the development of the NW urticaria pathway for GMMMG approval
GM anal irrigation systems pathway
Swollen leg guideline
RA pathway update
PsA/AS pathway update
IBD pathway
Pain pathway

Interface Prescribing Subgroup


The following Shared Care Protocols were approved at the July 2016 meeting of the GMMMG:

They are also available as word documents on the password protected part of the site under shared care.

New Therapies Subgroup


March Minutes and the current work plan have been updated and are now available on the site



GMMMG Guidance for the prescribing of high cost biosimilar biological medicines is now available from the GMMMG Guidance section of the website


The following correction has been made to the GMMMG Prescribing formula for CMPA policy: Althera has been moved from lactose containing to lactose free formulas. The corrected version of this policy (v2.1) is now available on the GMMMG website.


The Agenda and Minutes from the April and May meetings have now been published and are available here


A consultation paper of the mechanism for GPs accepting Individual Patients for Shared Care is now available for comments. Comments are requested from GM NHS healthcare professionals only. Comments should be submitted here by 5pm Wednesday 31st August 2016 after which all comments will be reviewed and taken to GMMMG to agree the way forward.

See also Letter relating to the Mechanism for GPs accepting Individual Patients for Shared Care

Links removed - consultation now closed

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