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News Summary

From this page you will be able to access a summary of additions or changes to the GMMMG website during May 2018

May 2018 




The GM asthma working group have updated the GM asthma management plan [Link removed - consultation closed] following publication of NICE’s asthma guideline NG80.

The main updates to the GM asthma management plan are as follows:

  • Updated to reflect the addition of leukotriene receptor antagonist (montelukast – the only one now) with guidance on deciding between LTRA or LABA/ICS
  • The GM plan differs from NICE in that the use of a SABA alone is not included but reflects BTS in that the first step is use of a low dose ICS. It was felt that going back to a SABA-alone option was a retrograde step (ref NRAD report: Overuse of short-acting bronchodilators is a key indicator of poor asthma control and of higher risk of exacerbation and death.)
  • As previously, the GM plan includes a smaller number of devices where we have aimed for device consistency throughout which should improve familiarity and ease of use of products for patients and prescribers.
  • DuoResp has been replaced by Easyhaler throughout (more economical, provides device consistency)

Please submit any comments using the feedback form [Link removed - consultation closed]. This consultation will close at 5pm on Friday 27th July 2018 (extended from 29th June 2018).

Pathways and Guidelines Development Subgroup (PaGDSG)


Under the direction of the GM Clinical Standards Board, the Pathways and Guidelines Development Subgroup are working to develop a GM resource pack for opioid prescribing for chronic pain [Link removed - consultation closed]. Wigan Borough CCG have produced a resource pack which we are looking to implement across GM. This document is now open for GM-wide consultation in line with the GMMMG approval process. Please submit any comments using the feedback form [Link removed - consultation closed]. This consultation will close at 5pm on Friday 15th June 2018.

Industry are invited to comment on factual inaccuracy only.

High Cost Drugs Subgroup (HCDSG)


We are asking for comments on the PCSK9 inhibitor Blueteq forms [Link removed - consultation closed] which are currently live on the system.

The questions appear to be in line with NICE and GMMMG recommendation but are wordy. However the clinician response are mainly tick boxes so should be quick to complete.

Please feedback [Link removed - consultation closed]  any changes you think may be beneficial to the Greater Manchester services using these PCSK9 inhibitor forms.

A summary of the questions on the initiation form are below


is asking for standard treatment prior to biosimilar (tick for why discontinued and tick which drugs tried)


is asking for LDLc scores; it could be removed but the LDL-c may be used by trusts to monitor the change in LDLc from initiation to continuation


is a tick for which category the patient fits into (matching table 1 in NICE)


could go if we assume the patient is told they may have their treatment stopped


is info regarding when a continuation is expected

The consultation processes closes at 5pm on Friday 1st June 2018

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