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News Summary

From this page you will be able to access a summary of additions or changes to the GMMMG website during September 2017

September 2017

Formulary and Managed Entry Subgroup (FMESG)


A Draft copy of the updated GMMMG formulary chapter 13 Skin [Link removed - consultation closed] is currently open for GM wide consultation. Comments from GM NHS healthcare professionals are invited. Industry may comment on factual inaccuracy of this content only. This consultation period is open until 5pm on 27th October 2017, comments should be submitted via the Feedback Form [Link removed - consultation closed]


At the Sept 2017 meeting the Formulary and Managed Entry Subgroup proposed the following RAG and DNP classifications, [Link removed - consultation closed] and now invite comments on these proposals from GM stakeholders. Industry are invited to comment on factual inaccuracy only. Please submit any comments here [Link removed - consultation closed] by 5pm on 10th November 2017.

High Cost Drugs Subgroup (HCDSG)


The GMMMG high cost drugs subgroup has published the following recommendation

  • Review of GM high cost drugs data challenge reports

This document is on the password protected section of the GMMMG website (once you are logged in) 


The GMMMG high cost drugs subgroup has published the following recommendation

  • Implementation and principles of a Greater Manchester biosimilar gainshare agreement


The GMMMG high cost drugs pathway for rheumatoid arthritis has been updated and approved



“Seven day prescription” guidance is now available under the guidance section on the GMMMG website.

Pathways and Guidelines Development Subgroup (PaGDSG)


The Pathways and Guidelines Development Subgroup has published the following document

  • Macular Drugs Pathways


Agenda for September 2017 meeting, plus the minutes of July 2017 meeting  of Pathways and Guidelines Development Subgroup have now been published and are available on site. An updated workplan for the subgroup is also available.


Following on from the NHS England communication regarding the changes to the standard NHS contract from April 2017 around transfer of shared care, the GMMMG Pathways and Guidelines Development Subgroup has developed a process to facilitate implementation of this. GMMMG approved at its August 2017 meeting an approved a standard form of words to be used by Trusts when requesting shared care with a GP and a form that can be used by GP’s to reply. The documents are now linked into the introductory section of the GMMMG shared care page at:

GMMMG has asked that the process and wording go to the CCG medicines optimisation leads meeting, Chief Pharmacists meeting, Greater Manchester CCG Association Governing Group (AGG)  and Greater Manchester Medicines Strategy Board for providers/commissioners to work together to implement.

GMMMG agreed that it would be useful if a further line requesting that Trusts follow the GMMMG process around transfer of shared care be included within contracts and asks that AGG and the Medicines Strategy Board take this forward with providers.


The following new Shared Care Protocols was approved at the August 2017 meeting of the GMMMG:

  • Oral Methotrexate for Sarcoid


The following Shared Care Protocols had minor amendments to them approved at the July 2017 meeting of the Pathways and Guidelines Development Subgroup:

The Prescribing and Monitoring of Oral Second Generation (Atypical) Antipsychotics for Adults – links to GASS tool, NICE Guidance for Schizophrenia ,Bipolar Antenatal and postnatal mental health and Lester intervention framework for people experiencing psychosis and schizophrenia added.

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