Our vision is to make Greater Manchester the safest, most effective place to receive medicines and treatments.

Submitting papers

The next meetings are:

GroupMeeting dateDeadline to submit papersRoute to submit papers
GMMMG8th August29th JulyPlease use front sheet and sub-committee summary report template available here
CRG13th August2nd AugustPlease use submission forms available for the formulary and RAG list, as applicable
Safety Group10th September30th AugustPlease email rebecca.carnegie@nhs.net
Medicines Value Group19th August9th AugustPlease email rebecca.carnegie@nhs.net
Population Health and Health Inequalities2nd September23rd AugustPlease email rebecca.carnegie@nhs.net

Our aim

The aim of the Greater Manchester Medicines Management Group (GMMMG) is to support the commissioning of patient orientated outcomes and packages of care, by viewing medicines and treatments as an investment in improving health and wellbeing rather than a cost.

GMMMG will: 

  • Make recommendations to ensure that the most appropriate choice of clinically and cost effective medicines are used to meet the needs of the GM population.
  • Support and engage with the public, patients, commissioners and clinicians to reduce the inappropriate use of medicines.
  • Set high quality standards; monitor and report against standards with the aim of to reducing unwarranted clinical variation. 
  • Support GM organisations to identify unwarranted variation locally, promoting quality improvement with better utilisation of data and analytics and sharing of best practice between organisations.
  • Oversee a Greater Manchester Joint formulary, manage the introduction of new drugs, define safe prescribing practices and work with other stakeholders to facilitate the development and implementation of evidence based treatment pathways.

The GMMMG work plan is facilitated and supported by the Regional Drug & Therapeutics Centre in Newcastle and the Greater Manchester Joint Commissioning Team.