Updated asthma pathway published

Following GM-wide consultation and approval by chief finance officers and directors of commissioning, an updated GMMMG asthma guideline is now available on the Clinical Guidance and Pathways page.

The guideline has been updated in response to a request from GMHSCP to produce an updated asthma management plan to support the move to lower carbon inhalers. This includes consciously reducing the propellants contained in metered-dose inhalers which is a significant contributor to enabling the Greater Manchester Combined Authority’s and Greater Manchester Joint Commissioning Board’s commitment to sustainability.

An updated inhaler guide to support the pathway is in production, and will be available in due course.

Voluntary Recall of Alimentum and Elecare Infant Formula Powders (Abbott)

Abbott have issued a voluntary recall of Alimentum Similac and Elecare Similac infant formula powders due to concerns of possible contamination with Salmonella Newport and Cronobacter sakazakii. Both products are used for special medicinal purposes, including the management of cow’s milk protein allergy (CMPA).

Anyone who has purchased or been prescribed Alimentum or Elecare should be advised not to feed it to their baby and to return it to the place they got it from. A suitable alternative feeding solution should be recommended.

The GMMMG CPMA guidance includes other infant formula powder options that may be considered as appropriate for individual patients.

Abbott can be contacted on 01795 580303 for information on how to return the product.

Further information:

Food Standards Agency recall

National Patient Safety Alert


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Consultation: actions from October meeting of CRG

On behalf of the GMMMG Clinical Reference Group, we now seek comments on the actions proposed at the October 2021 CRG meeting.

Actions in this consultation include:

  • Inhaled colistimethate, dornase alfa and tobramycin for cystic fibrosis in children – RED. Repatriation should not be sought until a request to do so has been received from the specialist.
  • Bimekizumab for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis – RED.
  • Link to NG191, Managing COVID-19, to be added to formulary in chapter 2

To take part in this consultation, visit the consultations page. This consultation period is open until 5pm Tuesday 30th November 2021.

Formulary updates

Following the October meeting of GMMMG, the formulary and RAG list have been updated to reflect decisions made by the Clinical Reference Group (CRG) and Medicines and Guidelines Subgroup (MGSG).

For full details of the changes, please see the Formulary Change Log.

GMMMG website refresh

The GMMMG website has been refreshed with a new and updated design. The new design is a little clearer, and should make the site easier to navigate. All resources are still available in the same place; please use the search box or the menu bar at the top of each page to navigate as usual.

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