We now seek comments on the actions proposed by the GMMMG Clinical Reference Group at their March 2023 meeting.

This consultation includes addition of a new formulation of paliperidone to formulary; please also see the separate consultation on the updated paliperidone long-acting injection shared care protocol.

All comments will be reviewed but please do not expect a personal reply as we do not routinely reply to all comments. It is important to include any relevant evidence to back up any suggestions and please keep comments concise where possible.

Please note

  1. The messages sent from this form are transmitted via our host’s web server. If you have any security concerns about this process you can send your comments/feedback using your own email client to nuth.enquiries.gmmmg@nhs.net.
  2. This consultation will run for six weeks and closes at 5pm on Thursday 25th April 2024.
Document Title Issue Date Review Date Status
CRG actions March 2024 20240324 Mar 2024 20240424 Apr 2024 Draft for consultation