Following the February meetings of GMMMG and CEGC, the following actions have been reviewed by the GM ICB Executive and published to the GMMMG website.

Formulary and RAG updates include:

  • Mirikizumab for ulcerative colitis added as RED
  • Acetylcysteine 600mg effervescent tablets added as GREEN, first choice and carbocisteine tablets made GREEN alternative for use as mucolytics in COPD
  • Tirzepatide for type 2 diabetes added as GREEN, as an alternative to GLP-1 mimetics
  • Carbimazole 10mg & 15mg tablets added to DNP list
  • Gepretix 100mg micronised progesterone added as an additional option for women requiring progesterone for HRT
  • Tofacitinib for active ankylosing spondylitis added as RED
  • Bimekizumab for active psoriatic arthritis and axial spondyloarthritis added as RED

Links to NICE guidance and MHRA safety advice added as appropriate. For full details of formulary and RAG updates, see the formulary change log available on the formulary page.

More details of the published decisions are available from the decision summaries page.