The GMMMG lists of tariff-excluded drugs and devices are under review. In the interim, resources from NHS England are available. To determine whether a product is tariff-excluded:

  1. Download the 2024/25 NHS Payment Scheme, Annex A prices workbook. Check tab 12a for high cost devices and tab 12b for high cost medicines.
    • If the product is not listed, it is not tariff-excluded.
    • If a device is listed, check the commissioner and procurement route in columns J and K
    • If a medicine is listed, check the commissioner using step 2 below
  2. Download the NHS England high cost drugs commissioning list 2024-2025.
    • If the medicine is not listed, it is ICS-commissioned
    • If the medicine is listed, it is NHSE-commissioned for the indication(s) listed in column C. Note that use for other indications may be ICS-commissioned. 

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