On this page you will find all our current recommendations, initially sorted by published date. The table headings are active links that will sort the information in ascending or descending order. Please note that all our recommendations are valid unless they are superseded by NICE or national guidance.

If you are a healthcare professional working with the GM region and would like to submit information for a recommendation to be reviewed then please contact the professional secretary to the group.

Please note that the new drug recommendations no longer contain a review date as they will be reviewed as and when substantial new evidence that may change the original recommendation becomes available. This will be highlighted through regular horizon scanning activities. All previous review dates on old recommendations are invalid as they will also be reviewed as outlined. In addition if a NICE TA is published then the new drug recommendation will be superseded by the NICE TA – these recommendations will be moved to the archive recommendation section of the website within 90 days of the NICE TA being issued.

Document Title Issue Date Review Date Status


Comparison of DOACs for atrial fibrillation 20230618 Jun 2023 External link, login required


Fidaxomicin (Dificlir®) for the treatment of Clostridium difficile infection 20191018 Oct 2019 Final
Octreotide for treatment of certain gastrointestinal indications 20180518 May 2018
Ustekinumab dose escalation for Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis 20230918 Sep 2023 v3.1


Blood Glucose Testing Strips Evaluation 20171218 Dec 2017 Under review
FreeStyle Libre® Flash Glucose Monitoring System. 20210218 Feb 2021 Under review
Tirzepatide for Type 2 Diabetes 20240318 Mar 2024 20270318 Mar 2027
Xultophy® (Liraglutide +Insulin Degludec) for the treatment of adults with T2DM 20150518 May 2015 Under review

Obstetrics, gynaecology, and urinary-tract disorders

Levonorgestrel-containing intrauterine systems 20240518 May 2024 20270518 May 2027 Final


Melatonin for primary insomnia (adults) 20080918 Sep 2008 Final


Dibotermin alfa (InductOs®) for the treatment of non-union fracture 20190918 Sep 2019 Final
Metoject (methotrexate) Injection for RA 20081018 Oct 2008 Final


Rituximab for Treatment of Refractory Primary Idiopathic Immune Cytopenias 20180518 May 2018

Wound management

PICO® dressings for difficult to manage wounds 20150518 May 2015 Final


Liothyronine injection commissioning statement 20200718 Jul 2020 20230718 Jul 2023 Final
Vitamin D statement 20160918 Sep 2016 Under review
Vitamin D for Insufficiency & Deficiency (adults) 20160318 Mar 2016 Under review
Vitamin D for Insufficiency & Deficiency (paediatrics) 20160418 Apr 2016 Under review


Omalizumab for chronic inducible urticarias 20231118 Nov 2023 20261118 Nov 2026