On this page you will find any clinical guidance and treatment pathways that have been approved by GMMMG or its Subgroups.

Documents are listed alphabetically.

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Document Title Issue Date Review Date Status
Engagement with the Pharmaceutical Industry 20171202 Dec 2017 20201202 Dec 2020
GMMMG Appeals Policy 20171202 Dec 2017 20201202 Dec 2020
Guidelines for defining Red, Amber, Green, DNP and Grey status 20210802 Aug 2021
High cost drug business case template 20131002 Oct 2013
High cost drugs service development guideline 20131002 Oct 2013
Management of Red Listed drugs in primary care 20190402 Apr 2019 20220402 Apr 2022
Primary care rebate schemes
Safe Management of Medicines within GP Practices 20231202 Dec 2023 20261202 Dec 2026