On this page you will find any general prescribing polices that have been approved by GMMMG or its Subgroups, unless otherwise indicated.

Documents are listed alphabetically. The table headings below are active links; click a heading to sort in ascending or descending order.

Document Title Issue Date Review Date Status
Conditions for which over the counter items should not routinely be prescribed in primary care 20240124 Jan 2024
Generic Prescribing Guidelines 20190224 Feb 2019 20220224 Feb 2022 Under Review
Gluten Free Foods 20191224 Dec 2019 20221224 Dec 2022
Guidance for the covert administration of medication 20201124 Nov 2020 20211124 Nov 2021
Guidance on the issue of prescriptions in response to patient concerns over stock shortages 20190124 Jan 2019
Guidance for 7 day prescriptions 20170924 Sep 2017
Non-Medical Prescribing Best Practice Guide 20240424 Apr 2024
Patient Group Directions (PGDs) for immunisations External link to immunisation PGDs authorised by GMHSCP.
Prescribing following a private consultation 20130524 May 2013
Repeat Item Request Guidance for Dispensers and Suppliers of Medicines, Appliances and Nutritional Supplements 20180624 Jun 2018 20210624 Jun 2021
Travel Abroad Policy 20170824 Aug 2017 20190824 Aug 2019
Vitamin D Support Guidance 20210324 Mar 2021 20230324 Mar 2023