The GMMMG formulary ensures that patients receive seamless care across the primary-secondary care interface and reduces the need for switching programmes. Adherence to the formulary is strongly recommended by GMMMG and this formulary supersedes all local formularies. The formulary is applicable to new initiations and should meet the needs of the majority of adult patients.

NICE approved medicines:
All medicines recommended for use in the NHS in a NICE Technology Assessment are approved for use in Greater Manchester.

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The GM Formulary includes medicines and technologies for use in adult patients only. For information relating to prescribing in children prescribers should refer to the BNF and BNFc.

The GMMMG Formulary lists products by generic drug name. For some drugs, branded generics may offer a more economical means of procurement in Primary Care. In this instance the brand with the lowest acquisition cost and greatest ease of acquisition should be prescribed according to local choice.

Document Title Issue Date Review Date Status
1. Gastro-intestinal system 20231108 Nov 2023 Final version 7.11
2. Cardiovascular system 20231208 Dec 2023 Final version 7.21
3. Respiratory system 20231108 Nov 2023 Final version 8.9
4. Central nervous system 20231208 Dec 2023 Final Version 9.21
5. Infections 20231108 Nov 2023 Final version 7.7
6. Endocrine system 20231008 Oct 2023 Final version 9.26
7. Obstetrics, gynaecology and urinary–tract disorders 20230108 Jan 2023 Final version 7.2
8. Malignant disease and immunosuppression 20231008 Oct 2023 Final version 12.7
9. Nutrition and blood 20230708 Jul 2023 Final version 6.7
10. Musculoskeletal and joint diseases 20231008 Oct 2023 Final version 7.17
11. Eye 20231208 Dec 2023 Final version 5.6
12. Ear, nose and oropharynx 20220208 Feb 2022 Final version 5.0
13. Skin 20231208 Dec 2023 Final version 6.10
14. Immunological products and vaccines On Hold
15. Anaesthesia On Hold
GM formulary change log 20231108 Nov 2023 November 2023
Wound care - complete 20201008 Oct 2020 Version 3.0