GMMMG and its subgroups consist of GPs, pharmacists and other key healthcare professionals. We seek to identify and champion the appropriate use of medicines across Greater Manchester taking into account cost effectiveness, quality, equity and patient safety. The group is formally accountable to the GM collaboration of CCG’s and the work plan is facilitated and supported by the Regional Drug & Therapeutics Centre in Newcastle and the Greater Manchester Shared Service.

To contact the professional secretary of GMMMG or any of its subgroups, please email

Document Title Issue Date Review Date Status
GMMMG Medicines Optimisation Committee Interim terms of reference 20220402 Apr 2022 20220702 Jul 2022 Approved
GMMMG members roles and responsibilities 20220702 Jul 2022 Approved
GMMMG Charter 20220902 Sep 2022 Approved
GMMMG Subgroup Terms of Reference Under review