On behalf of the GMMMG Clinical Reference Group, we now seek comments on the actions proposed at the April 2024 CRG meeting. Actions in this consultation include:

  • Lamotrigine tablets – green specialist advice for bipolar disorder
  • Doxylamine / pyridoxine for nausea and vomiting in pregnancy – removed from grey list and made a first choice option alongside cyclizine and prochlorperazine
  • Levemir InnoLet and Insulatard InnoLet – remove from formulary following discontinuation of the products
  • Buprenorphine prolonged release solution for injection (Buvidal) – add to formulary as alternative to methadone and oral buprenorphine
  • Fluocinolone intravitreal implant – RED
  • Dupilumab for prurigo nodularis – DNP
  • Etrasimod for ulcerative colitis – RED
  • Ritlecitinib for alopecia areata – RED
  • Satralizumab for neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorders – DNP
  • Sebelipase alfa for lysosomal acid lipase deficiency – DNP

All links to NICE clinical guidelines and MHRA drug safety updates will be added to formulary as appropriate.

This consultation will run for six weeks and closes at 5pm on Friday 24th May 2024. To take part, visit the consultations page.