CRG actions

On behalf of the GMMMG Clinical Reference Group, we now seek comments on the actions proposed at their January 2024 meeting. Actions in this consultation include:

  • FreeStyle Libre 3 – add as RED
  • Levonorgestrel 20 micrograms / 24 hours intrauterine delivery system (Benilexa) – add as GREEN for contraception and heavy menstrual bleeding, and for endometrial protection as part of HRT (off-label)
  • Melatonin 1 mg/mL SF oral solution – add Consilient brand as preferred liquid for children aged 5 years and younger, and Ceyesto as preferred liquid for patients aged 6 and older. Use of these products should be limited to when crushing Adaflex tablets is not suitable.
  • Rimegepant for migraine – amend RAG status to GREEN (specialist advice). Currently on formulary as GREEN (specialist initiation). A separate consultation for a supporting factsheet is also underway; see below.
  • Secukinumab for hidradenitis suppurativa – RED
  • Targeted-release budesonide for primary IgA nephropathy – RED
  • Empagliflozin for CKD – GREEN
  • Velmanase alfa – RED

All links to NICE clinical guidelines and MHRA drug safety updates will be added to formulary as appropriate.

Rimegepant factsheet

A supporting document has been produced: Rimegepant (Vydura) factsheet for primary care clinicians, including prescribing criteria, when to refer to neurology, how to review treatment and when to stop treatment.

These consultations will run for six weeks and close at 5pm on Friday 23rd February 2024. To take part, visit the consultations page.